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A Typical First Visit to an Acupuncturist

Many events will be familiar. There's paperwork to fill out immediately. But the environment will likely be a change from clinic offices you have experienced before. Acupuncturists tend to "softer" feeling offices. Area rugs, plants and wood furniture are commonplace. Some art on the wall - nature subjects, and the ubiquitious acupuncture meridian charts. The smell of moxa or topical herbal medicines may be in the air.

Your acupuncturist will ask you what seems like 100 questions, look at your tongue, and feel all 18 pulse positions. S/he may ask more questions from one group than another. And the questioning may start or continue while s/he is examining your pulse or tongue.

At some point there should be time for you to ask questions. And get satisfactory answers. Ask about the acupuncturist's educational and practice background. Your acupuncturist will tell you what diagnosis j- your constellation of disharmonies is. Ask what it means in plain language. What the devil is a Liver Yang? Ask. Your diagnosis should be meaningful to you. Its the conerstone of taking control of your health.

One question stands out at first visits. "How are you with needles?" Yes, you might well ask this of the acupuncturist but its a question you should answer. This is an entree into a full discussion of any concerns you have about the needles.

Needles provoke a wide variety of sensation. You might feel a heaviness around the needle or a larger area. An electric sensation is common. You might feel something like water flowing trhough you as if you were a stream. Any or all of these or nothing are needling sensations. The acupunctursit feels "a fish taking a hook." These sensations do not last during the typical 30 to 45 minute retention of the needles. After all, your Qi flow is being changed.

After treatment you may feel refreshed, spacy, or tired but relaxed. If necessary, it may be a good idea to refrain from driving until you feel alert.


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