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Self Care - Treating Yourself

One of the reasons I call Oriental Medicine a great treasure is it's capacity for lay people to make use of it. Acupuncture of course is reserved for professionals. But acupressure, tuina, cupping, moxa, dietary therapy and the study of Qi all have techniques that can be used safely with a modicum of education and practice. This is comparable to teaching a diabetic patient to inject insulin or teaching a chronic pain patient to use a TENS Unit.

And there are a number of herbal medicnes that can be used safely with a little knowledge and common sense. Ching Wan Hung for example is the best burn ointment I've ever found. It comes in small tubes and jars and ought to be stocked in all households and taken on hiking and camping trips. Zheng Gu Shui is an alcohol based liniment used to treat stiffness, chronic and acute pain and should also be in your stock of household medicines.

A look at the Hierarchy of Healing reveals two major tiers of healing methods with the difference between them being that one tier is performed by a professional practitioner of Oriental Medicine and the other by the patient. My clinical experience has shown me that a combination from both tiers is the most fruitful application of Oriental Medicine. In this approach the practitioner has two roles: healer and teacher/coach. You can use it to create a regimen of healing for yourself.

Over time this section will have articles added about conditions and treatment methods suitable for self care.



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