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This is the Page I Weigh in On Health Care Issues

That actually covers a great deal of ground. I have opinions on direct health care, advertising and marketing of health care and our basic beliefs about what health care is and how we should distribute it. Anything that affects health care I'm likely to weigh in on. From the differeneces between western allpathic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine to how they can work hand in glove. The links to left take you to the topic they describe. The most recent of my two cents is just below.


This will be my last post.  A slow separation of my Yin & Yang has begun.  My body is heavy and its movements unsure.  Inside my spirit is light and gathering in my upper jiao.  When I go outdoors I feel the touch of the sky in my chest and the Yang currents in my arms.  My scholarly acuity is now intermittent and this piece will not have the fluidity I strive for.  But elegance is not the goal.  It only makes a good thought more communicable and disseminates it further.

There are so many things I could talk about with you but time is of the essence and so I have tried to choose the most important.   I haven't done a  methodical examination of all the candidates but after a bunch of thought , right now, today,  I believe the most important of all human characteristics to be empathy. 

Empathy  is the first spark of the tenderness holding an infant evokes.   It is the urge to put a comforting hand on a friend's shoulder.  It enables us to understand some of another person's motivations; and sadness and frustrations.   It allows us to recognize a fellow in an enemy.  It  allows us to forgive a wrongdoer, to give a second chance.  Empathy is why we volunteer for the sake of others.  Why we make contributions to good causes.  Empathy is the prototype of our gentle emotions. 

Empathy motivated the group of people  who didn't know me at all to get up extra early or take time from their work day to get me to and from dialysis for two months.  And it was the force that motivated my extraordinary friend YM Chen to bring me greetings and succor from friends and colleagues.

Empathy is the core impetus of the Golden Rule.   And the Golden Rule is the dialetical opposite of cynicism.  It is the  preservative and constructive Yang force to the destructive and entropic  Yin force. The kindness we desire - given to others, is the balancing entity to man's inhumanity to man.  

The Sephardi Taoist
February 4. 2013


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