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The Chinese Medicine Sampler - Qi Anatomy & Physiology

Qi - Anatomy & Physiology

Functions of Qi

Functions of the Qi of the Organs

Spirit - Intangible Qi



KIDNEY - Yin Organ
-Stores Jing/Essence
-Governs birth, growth, development, reproduction,
maturation, aging
-Governs bones
-Produces marrow, fills the brain with marrow
-Receives (grasps) Qi
-Governs fluid production and function
-Houses the Zhi or Will
-Source of all Yin and Yang in the body

LIVER - Yin Organ
-Ensures smooth flow of Qi in the entire body
-Stores and regulates Blood
-Nourishes and controls sinews (ligaments, tendons,
-Houses the Hun or Eternal soul
-The General in Charge of Planning

HEART - Yin Organ
-The Supreme Commander
-Governs the blood and blood vesels
-Houses the Shen or mind (waking consciousness)

SPLEEN - Yin Organ
-Governs transformation and transportation
-Contains blood in the blood vessels
-Controls and nourishes muscles and limbs
-Ascends Qi
-Regulates damp
-Houses the Yi or intellect

LUNG - Yin Organ
-The Master of Qi
-Governs respiration
-Descends and disperses Qi inthe body
-Regulates water passages
-Governs the skin and the body hair
-Houses the Po or corporeal soul


Bladder, Gallbladder, Stomach, Large and Small Intestines.

These are the hollow organs. They are predominantly involved in processing of nutrients and excretion of wastes.


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