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Tuina - Manual Medicine

Gua Sha - Clear Heat/Fire from the Exterior

Healing Sounds


Healing with sound has developed in virtually all cultures on Earth.  Music is held by many people to have healing properties. The adage "Music soothes the savage breast." is a testament to this.  But the use of sound as therapy for specific medical conditions is rare and mostly considered to be magic or trickery.  Nevertheless, there is a thriving school of this type  of sound healing in Oriental Medicine.  It is done by the chanting of specific individual sounds.  And each of these sounds are directed at different conditions and have different effects.  The 5 Elements sounds are:

Wood - Shir Fire-Ho Earth - Hoo Metal - Sis Water - Foo

How Its Done

The practitioner stands next to the patient and out of his/her sight.  S/he takes puts their body in proper alignment for external Qi healing and breathes with the entire torso.  Then the practitioner makes the sound fully utilizing his/her breath.  The sounds must be loud enough for the patient to focus solely on them.  When it works, the patient will have a feeling of "going very deep within".   I don't use this method because I have no training or professional experience with it but  have experienced it as a patient.

A Real Experience

My classmates were sharing a virulent flu virus.  Most of them were losing five days from school; and they were members of a group of highly motivated graduate students.  The same day I realized I had contracted the virus I went to one of my teachers for treatment.   After administering needles, he stood next to my head and chanted.  I had already relaxed deeply during insertion of the needles.  When he started chanting I had the physical feeling of falling down into the sky and gathering speed.  The next thing I remember was awakening feeling much relaxed.  Though I felt somewhat weak I was stronger than when treatment began.  By the next morning I felt strong enough (as opposed to "ready for the big game") to return to class. 


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