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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Disease East & West

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What Can TCM Treat?


Traditional Oriental Medicine conceives of illness so differently from western medicine that the question "How does Oriental Medicine treat this or that illness?" requires a long answer. To create meaningful answers I decided on this format.

Western medicine definition of a disease or condtion.
Signs and symptoms of the disease or condition.
Possible diagnoses according to Oriental Medicine.
Some possible treatments according to Oriental Medicine.

I'll be adding one disease or condtion each week. If there's a condition or illness you want to know about that isn't here please contact me.Contact Me


According to WM: Pain of any duration, severity or quality in the head or neck.
Most common Diagnoses in OM: Pain in the head or neck due to (incomplete list):
External Wind - accompanied by Cold or Heat
Fire - in any/all Liver, Heart, Stomach
Internal Cold
Internal or External Damp/Phlegm
Qi Deficiency
Blood Deficiency
Stagnant Qi
Stagnant Blood
Liver Yang Rising
Stagnation of the Gallbladder meridian
Stagnation of the Bladder Meridian


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