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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis Main

by Pulse

by Tongue

by Interview

by Looking

by Sole of the Foot

by Abdomen

by Face

by Smell/Odor/Scent


The presence and qualities of odors from the person are also indicative of imbalance. There are four types that are commonly of interest to the practitioner: body scent, breath, stool odor, urine odor. Particularly strong or repulsive odors signify Heat or Fire. The lack of odor when there should be an odor signifies Cold. The Five element smells, goatish, burnt, sweet, rank, and rotten are clues to which element is imbalanced.

Interestingly it isn't only what the practitioner perceives but the smell itself. The patient, friends or relatives will often report smelling the odor and agree on what it smells like.


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