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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Mental Emotional Conditions

Depression Anxiety Insomnia - Main





These three western medical conditions occur so often and affect so many people that I devoted a section just to them. Most folks who are affected by them are not disabled but can be quite miserable due to any one of them. Chances are we will at some point in our lives experience one or more of them. Any or all of them can accompany other illnesses or conditions. Up to 85% of patients at rheumatology clinic patients have also been diagnosed with depression. Anxiety often accompanies subtance abuse disorders, life-threatening illnesses, and pain. Insomnia can be a primary problem by itself or secondary to the sufferings of illness or a secondary result of an illness. They are all also high risk factors for relapse of substance abuse.

Chinese Medicine View of Mental - Emotional Conditions

Oriental Medicine psychology is not comparable to western psychology. Western psychology considers the mind and the body as two separate entities whereas Oriental Medicine considers them as manifestations of the same thing; Qi. The words mind and body do not refer to actual entities. They refer to functions of Qi. We use two different words to ease the task of thinking about them. It is a fundamental principle of Oriental Medicine psychology that the Qi of the mind and body are in a constant state of change and affect each other constantly. So in general, a symptom is just as likely to be a result of a disharmony of a bodily function as a disharmony of the mind. In the clinic, there is usually an interplay of both and that is why Oriental Medicine is so helpful to mental-emotional disharmonies.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Taking the signs and symptoms of each disorder and sorting them through the filters of Oriental Medicine pathology will yield approximately 11 different diagnoses for depression, 9 for anxiety and 6 for insomnia. The good news is that for each diagnosis there is a separate set of treatment principles and many ways to treat for each set. For more on each of these click on the links below.



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